vbwi.com is a news and information site for all things volleyball in Wisconsin.

I want this site to provide timely news, scores and happenings for high school and club volleyball. But I will need some help. So if you’re interested in becoming a contributor to this site, please leave a comment or contact me using the contact page. Beginning in September 2014 I will add sections and hopefully authors and contributors to cover high school, college, club, national and beach teams.

I am looking for contributors for High School (including JV and Freshmen), Club and General topics. If interested please see the Contacts page >>> even if you just want to contribute for a single team.

There will also be a forum where anyone can self-register, then start new topics or browse existing threads.

Until then, you are welcome to post high school team schedules and rosters. I’ll post them on this site.

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Email rosters to: 2014rosters.x.vbwi@neverbox.com
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